AA DMV Service was the 1st Latino DMV Service established in 2001. Established by two families whose last names start with an "A" and is why the business is called AA DMV Services. Through the years many obstacles came and all were overcome first because of the trust the families have in their Lord Jesus Christ. Over time the children of both families got involved after school, weekends, winter and spring breaks, and summer vacations. 

Eventually one of the families was bought out but there attention and dedication to the business has and always will be appreciated. Along with other key employees who also helped this office reach the heights it has reached their involvement is thanked.

   To Our Customers

We also thank each and every customer that has remained faithful to this office in providing us the opportunity to learn and better serve each and every customer that comes through our doors. Just know that from Our Family to yours, we pray that you are bless and kept safe each and every day.